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:/ Hunter always knows how to make me feel guilty…

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  • 2 years ago

Today is just one of those days I shouldn’t have woke up.

So many worries have been through my head all day.

My mom wants to kick me out.

where do i go? 

I have no where. 

I have no money.

No one wants to hire me.

I’ve been trying so hard in school.

I quit drugs, stoped ditching and have become a straight A student.

I have only 30 credits.

Which will take me only 9 more weeks.

My teachers tell me they want me to be a lawyer or a Doctor.

Just somthing amazing.

The all say i’m just settling for makeup artist.

I dont know how. 

I can’t even graduate.

If my mom kicks me out im gonna have to move to Chicago and drop out.

All this hard work for nothing.

All my life has been nothing but having to grow up fast.

Everything is gonna be thrown away.

and all it took was a lie from my mom.

and a argument from me.

Only up side is being with my boyfriend.

but i still haven’t finished building a foundation for my life.

im fucked.

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  • 2 years ago
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